Alumni Network

Hornstein's 700+ alumni worldwide are in demand.

Recognized as highly trained and exceptional organizational leaders, these talented men and women successfully work in all aspects of Jewish life — from Jewish federations and Hillels to Jewish community centers and day school to all manner of entrepreneurial start-ups.

Networking keeps the community vibrant and strong, with alumni providing invaluable support to new graduates and prospective Jewish professional leadership students.

Where in the World Are Hornstein Alumni?

Based on August 2019 records, we compiled the numbers. Hornstein alumni are in 38 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. and 11 other countries. The concentration of our alumni in certain states may come as no surprise.

We do not have location data for 93 alumni. If you are among these, please send us your information and we'll gladly update our files.

Hornstein Alumni in the World

Country Number of alumni
United States 479
Israel 39
Canada 31
United Kingdom 5
Australia 4
Argentina 4
South Africa 3
Sweden 1
Norway 1
Ethiopia 1
Brazil 1
Belgium 1

Hornstein Alumni in the U.S.

State Number of alumni
Massachusetts 140
New York 72
California 36
Florida 32
New Jersey 31
Pennsylvania 23
Maryland 21
Illinois 17
Washington, D.C. 17
Texas 11
Georgia 11
Connecticut 9
Rhode Island 7
Washington 6
Minnesota 6
Virginia 5
Ohio 5
Michigan 5