Class Correspondent

Carol Cone, known as the “mother of cause marketing,” has joined Edelman, the world’s largest independent public relations firm. Carol will provide strategic counsel to clients on the development of corporate and brand citizenship. She was founder and chair of Cone, where she led the development of signature cause branding programs for a host of Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits.

Jane Sutton’s latest children’s book (her seventh), “Don’t Call Me Sidney,” is a picture book about an earnest, big-hearted pig who decides to become a poet. Dismayed that the only rhyme for Sidney is “kidney,” he decides to change his name to the more rhyme-able Joe, with some amusing consequences. For more info, visit

Ndubuisi Nehemiah Eke recently published two books — “Earth’s Man of Color” and “Soldier Ants of War” — about events in rural Africa.

After the student strike in spring 1970, Sara Sunstein drove to California in her Volkswagen bus and moved to Berkeley. Over the following decades, she ambled north to a small town on the Northern California coast, where, surprisingly, at least two other alumni live. Sara does hands-on-body work, helping people with pain. When not working, she spends time hiking and sculpting. She writes that she is very appreciative of her years at Brandeis and the deep friendships that still endure.

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