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Time keeps moving by so fast these days, doesn’t it? It can be hard to keep up with your own home and work life, let alone stay in touch with family and friends and find time for relaxation and refreshment. Well, how about making a conscious decision to set aside time to do several of these things at once and to recall your past by attending Reunion? In June 2011, we’ll be celebrating our 20th year since graduating from Brandeis — and, boy, do we have many things to celebrate: new jobs, marriages/unions, moves, children, our health, and our lasting Brandeis friendships. Come join us!

Jessica Bergman of New York serves as a director on the fixed-income side of Credit Suisse, selling corporate bonds, mortgage bonds, and money market products to large institutional buyers.

Jeffrey Goldfarb of Dallas formed the litigation firm Goldfarb Branham. The firm handles complex commercial litigation throughout Texas and the nation and represents both public and private companies, as well as select individuals. Goldfarb had been a partner with DLA Piper.

Fred Jacob of Washington, D.C., and his wife, Beth, have a baby boy, Charles Bennett, who was born on Nov. 1, 2009. Writes Fred, “Charlie’s arrival has brought us more wonder and joy than we could have imagined. He’s a delight, making us laugh, kvell and tear daily. His mother and I argue over whether he’ll be a Judge or a Big Green (Beth graduated from Dartmouth), but I’m feeding him bagel dogs, showing him Woody Allen movies and exposing him to midcentury architecture so he’ll have a well-groomed preference for our alma mater. We can’t wait to show him off at our — yikes! — 20th Reunion next year.”

Ivan Turnipseed accepted a position as assistant professor of tourism and hospitality studies in the geography department at Central Connecticut State University. He earned a Ph.D. in hospitality administration at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas.

Monique Thormann married Marcus Courtney on May 29 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. Monique is a communications consultant to international aid organizations and works in Geneva. Until last year, she was a communications manager for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) there. Marcus works for UNI Global Union, an international federation of trade unions, in Nyon, Switzerland. The couple met in Geneva in early 2009 at a Democrats Abroad reception for Howard Dean, the outgoing Democratic national chairman.

Merry Firschein ’87 married David Swirnoff on June 13.

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