Teaching Torah to Young Children

School and Classroom

South Area Solomon Schechter Day School (SASSDS) is a K-8 Conservative Jewish day school in Stoughton, MA with 230 students at the time of the webcase publication (2007).* The school has an integrated curriculum, so that Judaic and general studies are taught by the same classroom teacher and often woven together.

My classroom is divided into three main areas: the meeting rug, the reading corner, and the table area which is surrounded by art, writing and math materials. The meeting rug is the central area in the room, where we gather for tefillot, for morning meetings and for most group lessons. This is where we have the calendar, the message board and poems on large chart paper. This is also where we have our Aron Kodesh (a small wooden ark), which houses a small printed Torah scroll and is decorated with artwork created by previous generations of first graders.


*The school later changed names, and then closed in 2014.