New Undergraduate Student Orientation

Resources for Midyear Students

We are excited to have you here! Below are some student leaders who are here to help you throughout your first semester at Brandeis.

Midyear Ambassadors

The Midyear Ambassador Team will be providing outreach and programming specifically for Midyear students throughout the entire spring semester! Your Orientation Team will "pass the baton" to the Ambassadors, who are all Midyear students themselves and are here to answer questions that arise and plan opportunities for you to stay connected with your Midyear cohort as well as meet other current Brandeis Midyears.

Meet Your Midyear Ambassadors

Photo of Alyssa Allen standing in a field holding a bag of apples
Alyssa Allen
Midyear Ambassador
Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Belmont, Massachusetts

Class Year: Junior

Major: Education studies

Minors: Theater arts and legal studies

Favorite thing about Brandeis: The people! I have made some of my best friends in life through my classes and clubs. I love how no matter where I go on campus I always see a friend or person I know!

My advice for Midyear Students: Go to everything/every event and don’t be afraid to go alone! Some of my favorite memories that I’ve made at Brandeis were at events that I never planned on going to. During my first semester on campus, I went to as much as possible and that made joining the Brandeis Community less intimidating!

Skye standing in front of a sunset
Skye Spinner
Midyear Ambassador
Pronouns: he/her/hers

Hometown: Columbus, North Carolina

Class of 2025

Undeclared Major/ Business Minor (although will be applying to the business major and soon declaring an IGS minor)

My favorite thing about Brandeis is the campus: I love being able to sit outside and look at the leaves changing colors and watch the wildlife play. The squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies make my day!

One piece of advice for Midyears: Do not think you were rejected from the school for the first Fall. Brandeis specifically picks Midyears that they feel are strong and independent enough that they can be a part of bigger things than coming straight to school. Take advantage of that opportunity to study abroad, get a job or internship or participate in something you're passionate about.

Sherry is standing and hugging a giant inflatable shark
Sherry Tao
Midyear Ambassador

Class: 2025

Major: Environmental studies

Hi everyone! My name is Sherry Tao. I use the she series pronouns and I am from Hangzhou, China.  Besides being a full-time student, I am also a member of Student Union, the club support committee chair, an ultimate frisbee player, and a member of the TAMID consulting club. My favorite thing about Brandeis is the tight community; wherever I go on campus I can always see people I know. My best advice for midyear students is to sign up for as many clubs as possible. Similar interests is the fastest way to get to know people and fit into the Brandeis community. We are so happy you are here!!! You can always email me if you have any questions! 

This picture is taken when I blew up this ginormous shark by mouth with no electric pump at the August 2022 Orientation! Forever proud of myself!

Eva is standing in front of a body of water at sunset
Eva Tibbetts
Midyear Ambassador
Pronouns: she/her

Class: 2025

My name is Eva Tibbetts, and I am a sophomore at Brandeis! My major is psychology and I am also following the pre-med path. One thing I love about Brandeis is its location; I love how we have the option to go into the city or stay right in Waltham by going to Moody Street. Brandeis is close to the Boston area without all the dramatics of being near a city. Also being a home-body, I love how close I am to my family. and I know that I am more than just a phone call away.

The advice I would give Midyears is to welcome the feeling of being "new" on campus. Though it may feel like you are much further behind than those in your class, you are not. Enjoy the welcome feeling of seeing Brandeis as it should be now that you are officially here as a student! You are going to be greeted by so many people and have so much to do, and it will feel overwhelming at first so take one step at a time. Sooner than you know, you will be incredibly overwhelmed by the multitude of opportunities to be part of different Brandeis communities, but don't put too much on your plate! Remember that you are not obligated to do anything. Everything will be up to you and what you enjoy. Eventually, you will find your people, and you will find what you want to do with your time, so do not worry!