Past Recipients

Abigail McCabe and Stephen Roselli


Implemented a summer education program for Nicaraguan children and adults.  Abigail and Stephen shipped school supplies to operate summer camps for children and provided financial incentives for adults to attend nightly classes taught by local teachers fluent in English and Spanish.Abby and Stephen smiling

Jonathan Goldman and Victoria St. Jean

Side by side photos, one of Jonathan Goldman and the other of Victoria St. Jean2016-2017

The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII): A New Home

TRII focuses on providing representation and assistance for asylum seekers in immigration proceedings, in addition to establishing opportunities for people to become trained representatives for asylum seekers. TRII also provides resources for navigating the immigration process. With this grant, they will create a training program for undergraduate students to become accredited representatives and they will implement a citizenship program for the Waltham Public Schools.

Brontë Velez

Brontë Velez2016

Brontë Velez's project, SeluSemilla, will center around creating a collection of plantable books (biodegradable in design, which will sprout into endangered trees) written, conceived, and cultivated by Ecuadorean indigenous counterparts working with the Pachaysana organization. This will serve not only as an act of reforestation but simultaneously a replanting of ancestral knowledge and wisdom to reinsert oppressed voices into the economy of language, and to remember that environmental justice must inherently include human rights as a part of its struggle for all systemic oppression derives from the same source and attacks intersectionally.

Kira Levin

Kira Levin2015

Kira will be empowering Maasai women in rural Tanzania through computer literacy and education. This will be a partnership through Brandeis University and the International Collaborative for Science, Education, and the Environment. 

Noah Litwer

Noah Litwer2015

Noah will organize an implement a large-scale collaborative garden, designed to increase community ownership, foster trust and deconstruct divisive barriers between the 490 residents of Prospect Hill Terrace public housing project, located in Waltham, MA. 

Abie Troen


A Call for Dignity: Ending Manual Scavenging

Andrea Verdeja


A Call for Dignity: Ending Manual Scavenging

Mangaliso Mohammed


Back to Basics: Food for Healing HIV

Ardak Meterkulova


HIV/AIDS Education in Kazakhstan

Kayla Dinces and Lena Morrison


Engaging Hand and Minds: Empowerment through Peer Education in Zimbabwe

Noam Shouster


Helping HIV+ Women and Children in Rwanda

Ned Crowley and Jonah Cohen


Producing a Documentary Film about Costa Rican Culture of Peace

Shaina Gilbert


Empowering through Education Camp in Haiti