Frequently Asked Questions


What is required to apply?

All Programs:

  • essays

  • GPA

BIMA (additional requirements):

  • artistic background

  • samples of work

What does tuition for Brandeis summer programs include?

Tuition includes all program related expenses (housing on campus, meals, and activities).

Tuition does not include:

  • costs of travel to and from Boston, laundry (machines are located in the dormitories), or spending money

  • student visas for international students

  • medical insurance

Learn more about tuition amounts for each program.

Are scholarships and financial aid available?

Yes! In the past as many as 50% of our participants received scholarships or financial aid. For more information, see our financial aid page.

You can also call us at 781-736-8416.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You must first submit your application to Brandeis Precollege Programs, and then you will have the opportunity to apply for financial aid on the confirmation page.

For domestic applicants we need the financial aid form and the most recent 1040 or equivalent.

For international applicants we need the financial aid form only.

Admissions decisions are made separately and are not affected by financial aid.

Getting Here

How do I get to Brandeis University?

We are located in Waltham, MA. You can get to us via car, airplane or train. Our staff will meet you and provide transportation from Boston Logan International Airport or the Route 128 Amtrak Station nearby. 

You are expected to make your own travel arrangements. 

When should I plan to arrive?

Please make travel arrangements (arrival and departure) as soon as possible.

Traveling by Plane:

If you are arriving by plane, please arrange your travel to Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS). We will meet you at the airport and provide transportation to Brandeis University. We will also provide transportation back to the airport at the end of the program. We ask that all participants try to book travel that gets the to Logan no later than 1pm on arrival day. On departure day flights can be booked anytime after 11am (for App Design, Service Corps, BIMA and Genesis) or anytime after 2pm (for YLS and GYS).

We will be running free shuttles to and from the airport to Brandeis on arrival and departure days. You will receive instructions about where to meet our Brandeis staff. On arrival days, shuttles from the airport to Brandeis will run from 8am-2pm.  On departure days for App Design, Service Corps, BIMA and Genesis, shuttles to the airport will run 9am-12pm.  On departure days for YLS and GYS, shuttles to the airport will run 11am-2pm.  

Traveling by Train:

If you are arriving by train, please arrange your travel to the Route 128 train station in Westwood, MA (RTE). We will meet you at the station and provide transportation to Brandeis University.  We will also provide transportation back to the station at the end of the program. Please try to book travel that will have you arriving to Route 128 no later than 1pm on arrival day. On departure day, trains can be booked anytime after after 11am (for App Design, Service Corps, BIMA and Genesis) or anytime after 2pm (for YLS and GYS). A Brandeis staff member will meet you in the waiting area of the train station.

If you are unable to arrange travel during those times, we understand. Brandeis Precollege Programs will pick up ALL teens arriving to Boston Logan Airport and Route 128 (RTE) train station, and will ensure their return at the end of the program. Please be aware, however, that if you book a flight that arrives very early on arrival day, or departs very late on departure day, you will end up with a longer day at the airport.

Traveling by Car:

We ask that participants arriving by car arrive between 1pm - 3pm. Participants of App Design, Service Corps, BIMA and Genesis should be picked up between 9-11am on departure day. Participants of YLS and GYS should be picked up between 12pm-2pm on departure day. Signs will be posted on the campus to direct you.

What if I need to arrive early to/depart late from the program?

For extenuating circumstances, Precollege Programs will allow students to arrive for their program a day early and depart a day late, as necessary. Please note any early arrivals or late departures will incur a $100 charge.

These arrivals and departures must be approved by the Precollege Programs office.

This charge will cover the transportation to/from the airport or train station, extended stay in the residence halls, additional meals, and staffing.

Students who elect to arrive early or depart late will see this charge on their account that must be paid by June 1.

Life on Campus

Where will I live during the program?

Students live on the Brandeis University campus in double- or triple-occupancy rooms in residence halls. Male and female students live in separate buildings or floors in the same quad and are not permitted to enter the other residence halls. We have male, female and gender inclusive buildings or floors in the same quad.

How are roommates determined?

All of our programs at Brandeis provide participants with the opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. By coming into contact with others, we learn more about ourselves. One of the places where this happens is in the residence halls, where you will be assigned a roommate.

We embrace diversity at Brandeis. Roommates often come from different places, or have different life experiences and traditions. This gives students the chance to meet people they might not otherwise meet and to broaden their horizons.

Are students grouped together by age in the residence halls?

We try to ensure that roommates are similar ages, but the single-gender floors or halls will comprise a mix of students from all grade levels.

What dining options are available?

Students eat at the Sherman Dining Hall on campus at Brandeis University. Sherman has a wide selection of food, including a salad bar, pizza bar, sandwich bar, and hot food options. Vegetarian options are offered and most food allergies are accommodated.

The dining hall maintains separate Kosher and non-Kosher dining options at every meal but has a common dining area, so that students can eat together and enjoy the opportunity to socialize regardless of their observance.

There is also an Einstein Brothers bagel and coffee shop in the Shapiro Student Center which operates with reduced hours during the summer.

Will there be Kosher options?
Sherman Dining Hall offers both Kosher and non-Kosher residential dining experience. Students can visit the Kosher serving line for hot entrees, soup, salad, dessert, drinks, cereals, and more and then take their meal to eat with friends in the community dining space. The Kosher side is supervised closely by a K-V-H mashgiach (Kosher supervisor), along with the Dining Services team who ensure that meat and dairy are prepared in separate, dedicated kitchens, utilizing two completely separate sets of utensils, dishes, stoves, dishwashers, and all other cookware. A dairy breakfast is served daily and meat and dairy days rotate for lunch and dinner. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Shabbat are meat days (with vegan and vegetarian options available) and Tuesdays and Thursdays are dairy days.
Is there a curfew?

Check-in is at 11 p.m., and students are not permitted to leave the residence halls after this time. Lights out is at midnight.


What sort of activities are offered outside of classroom hours?

Students will be able to take advantage of Brandeis University's fantastic facilities, including the athletic center, library, and student center.

There will be plenty of opportunities for socializing, physical activity, and quiet time outside of classroom hours.

We also encourage students to organize their own group activities.

Will there be opportunities to spend time off-campus?

All of our programs include field trips and recreational trips off campus. Destinations may include downtown Boston and Harvard Square shopping area.

Each program offers several opportunities for participants to explore destinations related to the subject. 

Participants are not permitted to leave campus without permission.

Can parents or relatives come to visit?

We encourage parents and relatives who wish to visit to do so during meal times, as visits during other times interfere with courses, field trips, or community activities. 

Parents and relatives who wish to take a participant off-campus may sign them out on Sunday afternoons. Parents must fill out a permission form at least 48 hours in advance to allow us to make arrangements.

What are some nearby hotels?

Nearby hotels in Waltham include the Westin, Embassy Suites and Marriott – all just off 1-95.  Additionally, guests who stay in Lexington at the Element or aLoft receive a 20% discount by mentioning Brandeis at the time of reservation.

What happens in the event of a medical issue?

Our office will work with you to arrange any ongoing medical care that a student may require. In the case that a participant needs to be seen by a doctor, they will be taken by the Precollege Programs health care coordinator to a local urgent care clinic or to the hospital a few minutes from campus for emergency services and parents/guardians will be notified

Participant families are responsible for any hospital and testing fees.