Office of the President

President's Message

President Ronald D. LiebowitzWelcome to Brandeis University.

Brandeis occupies a special place in the ranks of leading research universities.

A young institution, boldly conceived, Brandeis is intent on carrying on the great traditions of learning at the highest levels of rigor and meaning, with a moral conviction for inclusion and justice. In a world challenged by intolerance and ignorance, and burdened by disregard and disdain for learnedness, reason, and inquiry, this university has a special and truly unique role to play.

Our alumni have distinguished themselves in science, the arts, politics, and the humanities. Our faculty are leaders in their fields. And our students soak up our special environment, confident that one day they will be carrying forward the Brandeis legacy.

An intellectual culture and a reverence for scholarship are defining attributes of Brandeis. We take nothing for granted. We question openly at the same time that we hold ourselves to the highest scholarly standards. We are steeped in collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching and research, fueled by core values of academic excellence, critical thinking, an openness to perspectives different from our own, and a willingness to be self-critical. Here you will find a community of students and faculty with a passion for applying their knowledge and talents for the betterment of the world — all values deeply rooted in Jewish tradition.

Founded by the American Jewish community in 1948 as a nonsectarian institution at a time when exclusionary practices prevented equal access to some of the nation’s best universities, Brandeis has always welcomed talented students and faculty of every ethnicity, religion, and cultural background.

It was thus at our founding, and it continues to the present day.

Brandeis is a community rooted in purpose, guided by enduring values, and determined to lead. Come add your talents and your voice to this vibrant and distinctive community. We draw our strength from you — the faculty, students, and staff who contribute to the Brandeis experience every day.


Ron Liebowitz

“This is a time when, more than ever, the world needs the intellectual energy this University has always embodied.”

Ron Liebowitz

President, Brandeis University