Participate in Studies

The Neurochemistry and Cognition Lab is currently recruiting participants for the Brandeis Aging Brain Study.

We have one active brain imaging study focused on understanding the role of dopamine in successful aging.

We will launch a new brain imaging study focused on norepinephrine's role in protecting against Alzheimer's disease in the beginning of 2023.

Overview of Study

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a study that investigates how the brain and thinking abilities change over time. As this is a longitudinal study, we would like to invite some participants to come into the lab multiple times, if they are interested. Some of these sessions may involve brain scans.


We are seeking healthy adults 18 and older. If you are currently not in good health, have a history of neurological or psychiatric problems, or cannot speak and write English proficiently, please do not volunteer for this study.

Screening Process

If you are interested in volunteering for our study, you may fill out our online eligibility questionnaire or call our lab to complete the questions verbally with a research assistant. Upon review, we will call you to confirm your responses and notify you of your eligibility status. If you are chosen to participate, you will be given a consent form, a Subject's Bill of Rights and a verbal explanation of the testing procedure.


Participants will be asked to come to the Brandeis campus for a brief medical interview. You will then take a series of tests designed to assess your thinking abilities. These tests may be taken with paper and pencil or on a computer, and will involve tasks such as solving puzzles and remembering lists of words. The study will take approximately three to four hours to complete.


You will be paid $60 for participation in this study. This study is not expected to benefit you directly.