Robin Wall Kimmerer

Robin Wall Kimmerer speaking at a podiumWatch: "Restoration and Reciprocity: Healing Relationships With the Natural World" (Login required)

Kimmerer and Hitchock sit at a table talking

Robin Wall Kimmerer in conversation with Colleen Hitchcock, Associate Professor of Ecology, Feb. 29, 2024

Martin Baron

Marty Baron standing at a podium

"In Defense of Objectivity," March 16, 2023

Aerial view of the Brandeis campus with text that reads: "The 2023 Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life"

Martin Baron in conversation with Professor Ann Silvio, Associate Professor of the Practice in Journalism, and Neil Swidey, Professor of the Practice in Journalism, March 16, 2023

Peter Frumhoff

Peter C. Frumhoff speaking at the podium

”From Science to Action on Climate Change,“ March 30, 2022

Peter C. Frumhoff speaking with Professor Charles Chester

Peter C. Frumhoff in conversation with Professor Charles Chester, Lecturer in Environmental Studies, March 30, 2022

Rebecca Cokley

Rebecca Cokley

”Achieving an Inclusive Democracy: What It Means for Every Voice to Count,“ March 24, 2021

Rebecca Cokley and Monika Mitra

Rebecca Cokley in conversation with Monika Mitra, Nancy Lurie Marks Associate Professor of Disability Policy and Director of the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy, March 25, 2021

Anna Deveare Smith

Anna Deveare Smith

”Snapshots: Portraits of a World in Transition,“ March 21, 2019

Anna Deavere Smith, Germaine Ingram and Tom King

Anna Deavere Smith in conversation with performance artist Germaine Ingram and Tom King, Professor of English, March 21, 2019

Vanita Gupta

Vanita Gupta delivering her lecture

“Hope Is a Discipline: Fighting for Justice in Perilous Times,” March 6, 2018

Vanita Gupta in conversation with Professor Susan Eaton, March 7, 2018

Vanita Gupta in conversation with Susan Eaton, Professor of Practice in Social Policy and Director of the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy at the Heller School, March 7, 2018

Jeffrey L. Brown

Jeffrey Brown

"The Courage To Listen: Why It's More Critical Now Than Ever," March 22, 2017

Jeffrey Brown in conversation with Jon Chilingerian, Professor at the Heller School

Jeffrey Brown in conversation with Jon Chilingerian, Professor of the Heller School, March 21, 2017

Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates delivering his lecture entitled "A Cursory Sermon on Art and the City"

"A Cursory Sermon on Art and the City," March 23, 2016

Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates in conversation with Kim Conaty, Rose Art Museum curator, and Lucy Kim, lecturer in the Fine Arts Department, March 22, 2016

Julian Bond

Julian Bond, Richman Fellow Award Presentation and Lecture

"How I Got in the Movement: A Civil Rights 'Living Legend' Tells His Story," March 31, 2015

Julian Bond and Phillip Martin Interview

Julian Bond in conversation with Phillip Martin, Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute of Investigative Journalism, April 1, 2015

Angela Glover Blackwell

Angela Blackwell receiving the Richman Fellow award.

"All-In for an America That Works for All," March 25, 2014

Angela Blackwell having a conversation

Angela Glover Blackwell in conversation with Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, and Thomas Shapiro, Professor of Law and Social Policy, March 24, 2014