Message from the President

Barb Sander

Dear BNC Members:

It has been my honor and privilege...and by the way, so much act as National President of Brandeis National Committee (BNC) these last two years...time has flown, and I am starting my third and last year in this role. Recently, BNC hosted two very successful meetings on campus: One for our national board and another for our chapter leaders.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished together up to this point. Our BNC membership has stabilized and increased a bit. We have some exciting new faculty-authored study guides to be used for interesting chapter study groups. One such group can be built around reading the book that all incoming freshmen will read: Anil's Ghost, by Booker Prize-winning author Michael Ondaatje. Our BNC-authored Leadership Development Handbook is in the hands of every chapter president, and now national and regional teams will mentor chapter leaders to ensure continued strong leadership in our chapters. Also, we have wrapped up our Sustaining the Mind (STM) campaign. While we did not quite reach our goal of raising $3 million, we have reached $2.6 million, which in these tough economic times, I consider a victory!!

The new BNC fundraising campaign that starts NOW, July 1, is titled,  BNC Scholarship Campaign. This campaign is linked with the new initiative announced by the university exactly a year ago called the Catalyst Fund, a $100 million scholarship fundraising campaign that will ensure that a Brandeis education will be accessible and affordable to future generations of students. The BNC campaign is for two years, with a goal of raising $1 million dollars. More details about the new campaign will be coming out soon.

While our popular STM campaign has officially concluded, it will remain as a fund, similar to Book Fund. So, there are three opportunities for giving: BNC Scholarship Campaign, Book Fund and Sustaining the Mind Fund. Proceeds from chapter events and personal donations may support any and all of these.

While BNC chapters offer continued intellectual stimulation and a source of enduring friendships, our mission is fundraising for the university. Philanthropy is first! And with our campaign supporting endowed student scholarships dovetailing with that of the university, we remain a close partner of Brandeis. Thanks so much for what each of you does to support BNC and Brandeis University. With your help, this campaign will be successful!


Barbara Sander
National President