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For more information about the Student Ambassadors program or how to join, contact:

Beth Bernstein
Interim Executive Director
(781) 736-4190


"We are pleased to tell you that BNC Student Ambassador Eduardo Keane recently accepted our invitation to be the special guest speaker at our chapter's monthly meeting. He is truly a wonderful, intelligent young man and a most impressive representative of the student body of Brandeis University. Eduardo addressed our group with exceptional enthusiasm for the university, its programs and its interest in its students. Our members were impressed with his intelligence and his charming and respectful manner. He also encouraged discussion following his address in an extensive question-and-answer session. His visit truly inspired our members, and we left the meeting feeling confident that we made the right decision to join BNC and support Brandeis University. This is a valuable program." - Hills Chapter

Why Brandeis

"Before coming to Brandeis I used to read about and idolize people who changed the world. After coming to Brandeis, I began identifying with those people. This is mainly because I am becoming one of them and because I am surrounded by them every day. Brandeis is the 'social justice net.'" - Paul Vancea

"I loved that Brandeis was a close community with caring professors and proud alumni, a university with personality and distinct campus culture." - Maldeline List

"I chose Brandeis because it is a community of scholars striving to improve the world in any way they can. Involvement extends beyond academia and into the world of social justice. Professors are extremely approachable, helpful, and friendly, which was one of the most striking differences between Brandeis and other universities." - Karishma Pradhan

Student Ambassadors

The Brandeis National Committee initiated the Student Ambassador program in an effort to connect its chapters with Brandeis students. Understanding the unique mission of the BNC, students become extraordinary ambassadors in bringing their on-campus experiences to BNC members.

For BNC chapters and members, this program offers visits by Brandeis students in which they share their courses of study, interactions with faculty, research,  extra-curricular activities, and overall experiences at Brandeis. These experiences are made possible by donations and support our members provide! View the Student Ambassador brochure here.

Meet BNC's Executive Directors for the Student Ambassador program and members of the BNC National Executive Committee:

Jacob Abrams
Hometown: Miami, FL
Area of Study:
Chapter: Palm Beach East, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach

Karishma Pradhan '15
Hometown: Boxborough, MA
Area of Study: Neuroscience & Business
Chapter: Boston & Cape Cod, MA

2014-2015 Student Ambassadors

Alicia Ball '15
Hometown: Feehold, NJ
Area of Study: Sociology, Spanish
Chapter: Westlake

Max Bernstein
Chapter: LA, Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley

Gilberto Calderin
Chapter: Miami

Emily Conrad
Chapter: Central Westchester

Nicole Cardona
Chapter: Staten Island

David Friedman '15
Hometown: Bethany, CT
Area of Study: Business and International and Global Studies
Chapter: Fairfield

Jake Hurwitz
Chapter: Santa Clara Valley

Alyssa Katzoff '15
Hometown: Norwich, CT
Area of Study: Russian Studies, Linguistics and Comparative Literature
Chapter: Hartford

Madeline List '15
Area of Study: Business and Politics
Chapter: Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Jonathan Shakerchi '16
Chapter: Las Vegas

Arianna Sjamsu
Chapter: Westlake

Becky Wertman '16
Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
Area of Study: Psychology, Business
Chapter: Middlesex, Concordia, Clearbrook

Zoe Waldman '16
Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Area of Study: History, American Studies, Legal Studies
Chapter: Hartford