Becoming a BOLLI Member: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various types of membership at BOLLI?

BOLLI members pay a membership fee, either annually with a discount or semi-annually:

  • Full Membership - includes enrollment in courses, Lunch and Learn, Enhancement activities, Affinity Groups, use of the Brandeis libraries, access to many Brandeis programs, and parking/shuttle van privileges.
  • Activities Membership - entitles you to all the benefits of a Full Membership except for the ability to enroll in classes during the 10-week course terms.
  • Snowbird Membership - for those individuals who want full membership in fall/winter but who attend classes for only half of the spring term.

How much does it cost to join BOLLI?

  If paying annually If paying each semester  
Full Membership $690 $355  
Activities Membership $450 $230 (*)  
Snowbird Membership $590 $355 (Fall)
Snowbird Membership   $245 (Spring)
(*) If joining after semester start After 5th week of semester
(1/3 discount)
After end of classes
(2/3 discount)
Activities Membership $153 $77

Can I join BOLLI at any time of the year, or only at the start of the Fall or Spring semester?

The standard membership fees apply to registration before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, in September and March. However, you can join BOLLI at any time of year. Contact Ilana Levine ( for pro-rated fees that apply.

 Can members change their membership category from one term to the next?


May I visit BOLLI to see what it is like?

 Yes. Contact the BOLLI Office if you would like to visit. 

Whom can I speak to if I am interested in teaching a course? (leading a study group)

To learn more about becoming a Study Group Leader, contact the Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Naomi Schmidt, at .

 Does BOLLI have a waiting list or a special selection process such as an interview for those wanting to join?

 At the moment there is no waiting list. BOLLI does not have any special requirements for becoming a member other than filling out a registration form and submitting the membership fee.

 Do all members have to teach a course? (lead a Study Group)

No. Although we encourage those members who would like to share with others their passion for a subject and who enjoy teaching, there is no requirement to lead a Study Group.

Is this program non-sectarian?

Yes. We welcome people of all backgrounds to join BOLLI. We strive for a diverse population among our members.

Do we attend classes with Brandeis students?

No. BOLLI classes are just for BOLLI members. However, there are opportunities to interact with Brandeis students in activities such as the partnership with international students at the Heller School and at the International Business School.

Are any courses led by Brandeis professors?

Yes. Brandeis faculty members regularly teach seminars during the months of January, June and August. There is an additional fee to attend these seminars and tuition is discounted for BOLLI members.

Do members participate in social activities as well as classes?

 There are many activities in addition to classes that provide opportunities to socialize with other BOLLI members – the annual welcome back brunch in September, new member “mingles”, lunchtime in the Gathering Place. In addition, a number of affinity group activities provide members with opportunities to know each other better. Examples are the theater group, language conversation groups (Italian, French, and Hebrew), New Yorker Fiction Salon, and Adventures group that plans trips to local places of interest. Also, many members find a whole new circle of friends with whom they socialize outside of the formal BOLLI program.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial assistance is available and awards are strictly confidential. To apply please contact BOLLI Director Avi Bernstein at 781-736-2171.

Where is your program held and where do I park?

Classes are held at 60 Turner Street, and parking is available at the Charles River Parking Lot on Angleside Road, which is a 5 minute walk away. There is a continuous shuttle bus running between the parking lot and our building. Individuals with a handicapped placard may park in the lot across the street from the Turner Street building. BOLLI also has an administrative office, which is located on Old South Street.  Click here for a directions and a map.

I don’t drive. Is BOLLI accessible by public transportation?

There are two ways to get to within one block of BOLLI via public transportation: Take the Fitchburg Commuter Rail line that runs from North Station and Porter Square (or from Lincoln, Concord and points west) to the Brandeis/Roberts stop, or take the 553 bus that runs between Newton Corner and Roberts/Angleside.

Whom do I contact?

To register, or if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Program Administrator Ilana Levine at 781-736-2992 or at