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Research Areas

Engaging Jewish Teens

Our current research areas include:


Jewish Education

CMJS research on Jewish education falls into two categories: formal and experiential.  In terms of formal education, our projects have included studies of day schools and studies of  day school funding structures. One of our signature projects in the field of Jewish education is JData, an online database for Jewish educational organizations, from preschool through college.

Our projects related to experiential education include studies of Jewish service, opportunities for teenagers, and Jewish camping. Taglit-Birthright Israel is a model of experiential education, and our program of research is listed in this research area as well as the the one below.


These research projects encompass our studies of Taglit-Birthright Israel as well as evaluations of programs designed to increase awareness of Israel or the field of Israel studies in the United States.


These research projects employ innovative research methods and rigorous scientific analysis to better understand religious, family, and ethnic makeup in the United States and elsewhere. Our local Jewish population studies include the 2005 Boston Community Study, the 2010 Western North Carolina Jewish Demographic Study, and the 2008 Berkshire Community StudyOur studies of the national U.S. Jewish population include Reconsidering the Size and Characteristics of the American Jewish Population and Estimating the Jewish Population of the United States: 2000-2010.