Spring 2018 Course Offerings

Below are the Comparative Literature (COML)-designated courses for Spring 2018. View the full course list to see electives offered in other departments. 

COML 100A: Comparing Literatures and Cultures: Theory and Practice

T,F 11:00–12:20, Wangimage of COML 100 course poster

We will consider a series of questions about comparative literature and world literature from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students will become acquainted with the basic literary theories and critical tools used in comparative literary studies; gain practical and reflective experience in comparing texts of various genres across time periods, cultures, and languages; and also understand the past, present, and future of Comparative Literature as an intellectual endeavor, especially in view of changing socio-political contexts. The course will feature case studies in a variety of cultural and linguistic settings, from East Asia to Latin America, from antiquity to the present day. This semester, our course will be organized into three “grand themes”: Comparability (is comparative literature possible?); Translatability (what is gained in translation?); Globality (world literature and world making). In all the three sections we will combine theoretical debates with concrete case studies and hands-on experiences. Core course for COML major and minor and satisfies the "Media, Culture, and the Arts" component of the IGS electives.

COML/HUM 21A: Renaissance Literary Masterpieces

M,W,Th 10:00–10:50, Targoff

Introduces students to some of the greatest works written in Europe during the Renaissance. Readings will include works by Dante, Petrarch, Michelangelo, Luther, Erasmus, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Rabelais, and Cervantes. All readings will be in English.