Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Below are the Comparative Literature (COML)-designated courses for Fall 2018. View the full course list to see electives offered in other departments. 

COML 120A Disordered Loves and Howling Passion: European Romanticism
M,W 3:30–4:50, Dowden
Introduces European Romanticism from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. This course integrates literature, painting, music, and philosophy. Works by Beethoven, Hölderlin, Schubert, Delacroix, Wordsworth, Mary Shelly, Verdi, Schlegel, Kant, Claude David and others.
COML/ENG 148A Fiction of the Second World War
T,F 12:30–1:50, Burt
Writing Intensive.
Studies novels of the Second World War from Great Britain, France, Germany, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Japan (all readings in English).