Undergraduate Departmental Representative (UDR)

The Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the Comparative Literature and Culture Program serves as a resource and representative for fellow majors and minors and potential majors and minors, and brings student concerns and/or ideas to the program faculty. They also provide feedback to the program chair, undergraduate advising head, and faculty regarding scheduling problems, course offerings, etc. and help organize events for majors, minors, and other interested students.

Talia Franks
Talia Franks, ’18
Major: European Cultural Studies & Language and Linguistics
Minor: Comparative Literature and Culture, Creative Writing, & Classical Studies
I have a double major in European Cultural Studies, and Language and Linguistics, and am minoring in Comparative Literature and Culture, Creative Writing and Classical Studies. In summer 2017 I went to both the Middlebury Bread Loaf Translator's Conference in a Translation Manuscript Workshop and the Middlebury Language Schools Spanish Summer Language Immersion Program. Post-Graduation, I have been admitted to the Master of Arts in Comparative Humanities program at Brandeis and so I'll be sticking around for an extra year as a grad student. After I finish the MACH program I plan to pursue either a PhD program or start working in the publishing industry.
I work as Office Support in the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and I am the student in a student-scholar partnership program at the Women's Studies Research Center, working with one of their scholars on various translation projects. On Campus I am Co-president of Charlamos (A Spanish speaking social group on campus) and I am a member of Triskelion and the Brandeis branch of the HPA (Harry Potter Alliance). Off campus, I spend time going to shows or concerts with friends, and going to conventions and conferences about things that interest me like social justice, diversity, books and wizards.
In my free time I like to write original poetry and prose, translate poetry and prose, or watch educational videos on Philosophy, Astronomy, Chemistry and whatever interests me at that moment in time. I have a habit of reading anything I can get my hands on, so I'm a little bit dangerous if you let me into a library or a bookstore. I'm a champion at folding fitted sheets and I deeply enjoy cleaning things. (I promise this is not a joke, I actually do find tidying up to be a joyful activity). I also spend some of my time writing about my life and studies on my blog, Word for Sense and Other Stories.

Fun Fact: I own various copies of the Harry Potter books in 11 different languages! (13 if you count the British, Canadian and American dialect variations.)