The 2017 application cycle is now closed.

Crown Center Travel & Study Grants

The Crown Center invites applications for travel, research, and study grants for Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students. These grants may be used for summer travel/study or for thesis research during the academic year. 


  • Research expenses (such as travel to the Middle East, room and board, photocopying, etc).
  • Study of a Middle Eastern Language
  • Study of relevant Middle East topics at a foreign institution
  • It does not fund the purchase of durable equipment (such as tape recorders, cameras, laptop computers, etc.)


  • Current Brandeis first years, sophomores, and juniors, as well as current Brandeis graduate students.
  • Any field of study may be considered, but the research must be related to the Middle East.
  • Students may only receive one grant during their Brandeis undergraduate years and one grant during their graduate years.
  • Applicants must be in good academic and community standing.
  • The grant funds may be used in the summer, fall, or spring semester.

Amount of Award:
The maximum grant award is $3000.

Application Deadline:
March 15, 2017

April 5, 2017

Recipients must notify the Crown Center of their acceptance within ten days of winning the award.

Application Requirements:

  1. A 5 page proposal which includes:
    • a cover sheet with the applicant's name, undergraduate class or expected date of graduate degree, mailbox, phone number, and e-mail address, and project title
    • a concise description of the proposed travel project or language program with a well-thought-out abstract of the project's objectives and how it fits into the applicant’s program of study
    • the dates and destination of the trip
    • a budget
    • the applicant's qualifications to conduct this research, including foreign language skills when applicable
  2. Two letters of recommendation from Brandeis professors. If applying for a research grant, one of the letters should comment on the feasibility of the proposed project as well as the applicant's ability to conduct the research.  If you are applying for language study, one of the letters must be from a language instructor or a professor who can comment on the necessity of overseas language instruction to your studies.
  3. A Brandeis University transcript, official or unofficial. 


  1. Email the proposal and transcript to Marilyn Horowitz at
  2. Request that your letters of recommendation be emailed directly from your professors to Marilyn Horowitz at

Crown Travel Grant recipients will be selected by a committee of faculty members associated with the Crown Center. For further information, please contact Kristina Cherniahivsky, ext. 65322, or e-mail: