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Barry Snider, Dept. Chair
Brandeis University
Edison-Lecks Chemistry Building  225
MS 015
415 South Street
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FAX: 781-736-2516

Barry Snider


Barry Snider

Charles A. Breskin Professor of Organic Chemistry and Department Chair
Ph.D., Harvard University

Our main focus is the total synthesis of biologically active natural products. We also work on the development of new free-radical based synthetic methods. In optimal cases new methods are developed and applied to the synthesis of biologically active natural products.

Total Synthesis

Targets are chosen based on the biological activity of the target and the structural novelty of the ring system or functionality. In the past few years we have completed syntheses of the structurally novel potent heptatoxin cylindrospermopsin (1),1 the immunosuppressant FR901483 (2),2 antimuscarinic agents in the TAN1251 series (3),3 the neurotoxin dysiherbaine (4),4 the CCK antagonist asperlicin (5),5 the pentacyclic core of ptilomycalin A (6),6 the anti AIDS tricyclic guanidine batzelladine E (7),7 the bradykinin antagonist cycloanchinopeptolide D (8),8 the nerve growth factor stimulant erinacine A (9),9 unusual tricyclic alkaloids in the cylindricine A (10) family,10 fumiquinazolines A, B, C (11), E, H, and I ,11guanacastepene A (12),12 martinellic acid (13),13 dysibetaine (14),14 salicylihalamide A (15),15 pyrinodemin A (16),16 waol A (18),17 and phloeodictine A1 (17).18

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Figure 2

More recently completed targets include haterumalide (19),19 cladybotryal (20),20 cytoskyrin A (21) analogues,21 epohelmin A (22),22 jenamidines A1/A2(23),23 vaginol and vagindiol (24ab),24 abyssomicin C (25),25 Sch 642305 (26),27 juliprosine (27),26 symbioimine (28),28 thallusin (29)29 polygalolide A (30),30 platensimycin (31),31 berkelic acid (32),32 chaetominine (33),33 vibralactone (34)34 and 7-epineoptilocaulin (35).35

Figure 3 

Methods Development

Oxidative free-radical cyclizations, in which the initial radical is generated oxidatively, and/or the cyclic radical is oxidized to terminate the reaction, have considerable synthetic potential since more highly functionalized products can be prepared from simpler precursors than with standard tin hydride reductive radical cyclizations. Over the past 15 years we have developed the use of Mn(OAc)3, often in conjunction with Cu(OAc)2, for the oxidative cyclization of unsaturated ketones and 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds.36A highlight of recent studies is the tetracyclization of 36 to give 35% of crystalline 37, which was converted to isosteviol (38).37Current studies involve asymmetric induction, extending the scope of the oxidizable substrate, and applications to natural product synthesis.

Figure 4 

Sample of Recent Publications

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