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Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

Emily S. Dana '19  Emily Dana

Emily Dana is a junior from Wilmette, IL. She is majoring in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and Classical Studies, and her research and study focuses on the intersections of Roman and Jewish society especially in the first century CE. Emily also studies Ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, and enjoys learning about archaeology. Emily is currently studying abroad in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Joanna Jankulla '18      Joana Jankulla

Joana Jankulla is a senior from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Classical Studies and Linguistics major with a minor in Education Studies. She has been studying Latin for ten years and Greek for five years. She is currently writing a senior’s honors thesis focused on divine intervention in Homer’s Iliad. 

Helen C. Wong '19  Helen Wong, Ruthie Portes Painting the forum model in the library

Helen Wong is a junior from San Francisco, CA, majoring in Classical Studies and History and minoring in Legal Studies. She is a Jerome A. Schiff Undergraduate Fellow and a Eunice M. Lebowitz-Cohen Fellow for the 2017-2018 academic year. Her research interests focus on the intersections between archaeology, technology, and the Internet, with a historical focus on traded commodities in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean. She works closely with the Brandeis Digital Humanities Lab and the Brandeis MakerLab, where she explores the uses of 3D technology in archaeological science.