Study Abroad

If you are a classics major planning to study abroad, first contact Undergraduate Advising Head Cheryl Walker to discuss when to schedule your trip. For information about approved study abroad programs and applying, visit the Study Abroad website.

If you are interested in talking to an undergraduate who has studied classics abroad, contact Department Chair Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow.

Study Abroad in Greece

Classics image composite
[left to right] Delphi, Temple of Apollo; Athens, Agora, Temple of Hephaestus; Village near the ancient site of Pylos on the Ionian coast. Photos by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow.

Visit the College Year in Athens website for more information.

Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Classics image composite
[left to right] Roman Forum with Temple of Castor & Pollux; Street in Pompeii; Capri, View from Mt. Solaro; Capri. Photos by Catherine Baker '06.

Visit the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS) website for more information.

Study Abroad in the United Kingdom

Visit Arcadia College's Center for Education Abroad website for more information about their program in England. See the British Museum website to sample their world-renowned collection of classical antiquities. 

Locally, both Boston University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst, run summer programs in the U.K., although their emphasis may encompass more English than purely classical studies.

Summer Opportunities:

Greek Studies on Site offers intensive two-week seminars on the following topics:

Theater in Classical Athens
Instructor: Mary Gilbert

Love in Greek Antiquity
Instructors: Ben Jasnow and Gwen Nally

The Greek Gods
Instructor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Athenian Democracy and its Critics
Instructor: Georgia Sermamoglou

Detailed descriptions of the seminars may be found here:!summerprogram/ctzx

Watch a video of students from last summer discussing their experience in Athens by following this link:!experiences/c1fi7