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Combined B.A.-M.A.

Brandeis undergraduates who are NEJS or IMES majors are invited in their junior year to apply for admission to the five-year B.A./M.A. Students must complete all requirements for the B.A. at the end of the fourth year, including the successful completion of the major in NEJS or IMES.

Program of Study

Fourteen courses are required:

A. Internal transfer credit: Seven Brandeis undergraduate courses (NEJS, IMES, and/or approved cross-listed courses) numbered 100 or above for which grades of B- or higher have been earned.

B. Seven courses taken in the fifth year: Four approved NEJS courses taught by NEJS faculty and three approved electives. Approved undergraduate language courses may be taken and count toward the required three electives.

C. Capstone requirement:  Successful completion of one of the following: A comprehensive examination, a culminating project, or a master’s thesis.

Residence Requirement
One year of full-time residence (the fifth year) is required subsequent to completing the B.A.

Language Requirement
All candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in biblical or modern Hebrew or in Arabic.

Fulfillment of the departmental B.A. language requirement constitutes fulfillment of the B.A./M.A. language requirement. Students must obtain prior approval from their adviser before taking courses outside of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. An undergraduate honors thesis may not be accepted for M.A. credit in this program.