Ruth Gollan Memorial Award

Up to $1,500 scholarship funding is available through the Ruth Nessel Gollan Prize in Hebrew Language and Literature for university study in Israel. Applications will be accepted spring 2017.

Hebrew Honor Society

Outstanding students in Hebrew may be eligible for membership in Eta Beta Rho Chapter of the Hebrew National Honor Society. 

Hebrew Placement Test

See the Registrar's New Undergraduate Registration Information on Placement Testing.

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Hebrew Language Track

The Hebrew Language Track in NEJS is designed to enable students to become proficient in Modern Hebrew language. The majority of courses required by this track are taught in Hebrew, allowing students to maximize classroom time immersed in the language. Other courses may offer the option of readings in the original Hebrew, and/or include a separate Hebrew discussion section. Students may transfer two appropriate courses from the study abroad program provided they are taught in Hebrew and approved by the Hebrew track adviser; students must obtain permission from their Hebrew track adviser to count courses as part of the Hebrew track before starting the study abroad program.

Nine courses, apart from the courses taken to fulfill the fourth semester language requirement, are required for this major. A single course may fulfill requirements in multiple categories.

A. Text-intensive Requirement: Students must complete at least one course in Classical Hebrew Texts; and one course with a NEJS prefix in Modern Hebrew Literature.

B. Hebrew Language Requirement: Students must complete any fourth-semester Hebrew course. Exemptions will be granted to those students who place out on the basis of the Hebrew placement test administered by the Hebrew program at Brandeis.

C. Distribution Requirement: Students must complete at least five advanced-level Hebrew courses (above Hebrew 40) or any NEJS course taught in Hebrew.

D. Israel Studies Requirement: Students must complete one course in Israel Studies. Courses that fulfill this requirement: ANTH/NEJS 169b, FA 68a, FA 76a, FA 175a, HIST 114a, NEJS 72a, NEJS 135a, NEJS 145a, NEJS 145b, NEJS 173a, NEJS 174a, NEJS 174b, NEJS 177a, NEJS 178a, 178b, NEJS 180b,FA/NEJS 183a, NEJS 185a, NEJS 189a, NEJS 191b, NEJS 192a, NEJS 259a, HRNS 350a, POL 136b, POL 138b, and FILM 124b. Courses offered by Schusterman visiting scholars and others may also satisfy this requirement; consult the Undergraduate Advising Head.

E. Jewish Studies Requirement: Students must complete one NEJS course from among the following list: NEJS 5a, 127a, 135a, 140a, 140b.

F. History of Hebrew Requirement: Students must complete Hebrew 167b (Back to the Roots: The Revival of Modern Hebrew)