The Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture Program welcomes distinguished artists and guest speakers to our classes throughout the year, representing a diverse array of professions and expertise.

Students gathered around a table with various colorful objects

Students choose objects to help construct self-portraits during a visit from Hanoch Piven.

People drumming on plastic buckets

Noa Barankin, an Israeli performing artist created "DrumatiX", a rhythm based dance company where participants explore making different rhythms and beats through percussion. Part of the Hebrew Program's annual fall Arts Festival.

Group of people gathered around a table in discussion

Studio Mela members Michal Evyatar, left, and Carmel Bar, speak to students during the presentation of their project “Translating Israeli Visual Art into Multi-sensory Art"

Hanoch Piven points while speaking with a student

Hanoch Piven, an award-winning illustrator and educator

Upcoming Events

Hebrew Language and Arts Festival

Every fall, we offer a dynamic series of talks and events featuring a diverse lineup of engaging guests. Our Hebrew Language and Arts Festival emphasizes experiential learning methods, fostering a sense of agency, belonging, and competency.

Festival Highlights

  • Interactive Workshops: Explore hands-on sessions that blend language learning with artistic expression.
  • Guest Speaker Talks: Gain insights from leading figures in Hebrew language, music, theater, film, fine arts, and more.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich aspects of Israeli culture through performances, exhibitions, and discussions.
  • Community Interaction: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and practitioners in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Past Events

  • "The Evolution of U.S.-Israel Relations: Insights from Jerusalem to Washington" by Omri Nahmias, Veteran Israeli Journalist
  • "Narratives of Politics and Conflict: A Deep Dive" by Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch
  • "Middle Eastern Geopolitics: The Israeli-Arab Conflict and Agricultural Innovation" by Itamar Haviv
  • "The Israeli Flute: A Cultural and Musical Journey" by Amir Milstein
  • "Contemporary Middle Eastern Music: Trends and Influences" by Akram Haddad
  • "In Between: A Personal Exploration of Palestinian-Israeli Identity" by Ibrahim Miari
    • This semi-autobiographical one-man show portrays the complexities and contradictions inherent in Palestinian-Israeli identity. Those same complexities and contradictions define Miari's life “in between” two worlds. Miari transcends today’s political distractions and reminds us of the deeper inner struggles and bonds that link us all.
  • "The Rhythm Connection" by Noa Barankin, Israeli performing artist
    • Barankin created "DrumatiX," a rhythm based dance company where participants explore different rhythms and beats through percussion.
  • "Meet the Director: Renen Schorr and the Legacy of 'Late Summer Blues'"
  • "The Israeli Film Industry Post-October 7th" by Film Critic Avner Shavit
Language and Linguistics
  • "Reviving Hebrew: Insights from My Great Grandfather, the Prophet" by Gil Hovav
  • "The Linguistic Identity of Modern Israelis: Do We Really Speak Hebrew?" by Ghil'ad Zuckermann
  • "Text and the City: Learning Hebrew through Urban Exploration" by Guy Sharett
Fine Arts
  • "Cinematic Photography and Identity: A Conversation" by Adi Nes (bilingual presentation)
  • "Exploring Israeli Masculinity and War through Photography" by Adi Nes
  • "Overcoming Second Language Anxiety and Optimizing Problem Solving" by Dr. Dalia Olshvang
  • "Designing Small Spaces for Balance and Harmony" by Vered Rosen
  • "Innovative Education: Comparing High Tech Schools in Tel Aviv and the U.S." by Ran Cohen
  • "Art Without Boundaries: Engaging Local Voices in Israeli Cultural Institutions"
Israeli Literature
  • "The Neuroscience of Storytelling: Insights from 'Jerusalem Beach'" by Iddo Gefen
  • "The Evolution of Israeli Food Culture in America" by Ilan Barniv