Brandeis University Covid-19 Information

Since the coronavirus/COVID-19 emerged in January, Brandeis University has been tracking developments, making recommendations and reminding our community that they must take care of each other during this challenging time. In support of public health efforts and for the safety of our community, Brandeis has determined that all classes should be moved online for the spring semester.

NEJS department faculty and staff have assembled online sources from Jewish and Islamic history and cultures relating to the experience of pandemic.  These online sources are intended to facilitate study and discussion with family and friends.

One of the largest and most diverse programs of its kind, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) is dedicated to intellectual openness and engagement with critical questions of history, literature, religion, and culture relating to the Bible and the Ancient Near East, Jewish Studies, and Arabic and Islamic Civilizations. Pursue a degree with leading scholars dedicated to the finest instruction, mentoring, and preparation for life after Brandeis.

NEJS is a multidisciplinary department committed to innovative research and teaching in a broad range of fields including Bible and Ancient Near East, Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, Islamic and Middle East Studies, and Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, and other Near Eastern languages. We are home to one of the world's largest programs in Jewish and Hebrew Studies.

Undergraduate Program

The major is designed to combine a broad education in the various disciplines and periods that constitute NEJS and introduce students to the critical study of Near Eastern and Judaic sources, classical and modern, within the academic context.

Master's Degree Programs

Design a personalized curriculum through our diverse areas of expertise or choose to concentrate in one of three tracks: Bible and Ancient Near East, Jewish Studies, or Arabic and Islamic Civilizations.

PhD Programs

Our PhD programs offer opportunities in, and build on, our strengths in Bible and Ancient Near East, Jewish Studies, and Arabic and Islamic Civilizations.