• Prof.Chakraborty and Priyamvada Natarajan (Yale) participated in a webinar series sponsored by WGS in collaboration with the Rabb School, Brandeis University, "Conversations with Extraordinary Women."
  • Prof.Chakraborty's work developing the first predictive theoretical framework to characterize the collective behavior of a large number of macroscopic objects is featured in Brandeis Blog.
  • Prof.Chakraborty has been awarded a research grant, "Emergent Phenomena in the Macroworld: Jamming and Flow of Particulate Systems", by the National Science Foundation.
  • Prof.Chakraborty and colleagues from Duke University and Yale University have been awarded a research grant, "Self-Assembly in the Macroworld", by the W. M. Keck foundation.
  • Undergraduates Edwin Faican, Remi Boros and Pranav Gupta (IISc, Bangalore) presented posters at Brandeis SciFest 2014. PDF (Faican/Boros/Chakraborty). PDF (Gupta/Chakraborty).
  • Prof.Chakraborty and Sumantra Sarkar will be long-term participants at the workshop on "Avalanches, Intermittency, and Nonlinear Response in Far-From-Equilibrium Solids" to be held at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara.