Prof. Chakraborty and Priyamvada Natarajan (Yale) participated in a webinar series sponsored by WGS in collaboration with the Rabb School, Brandeis University, "Conversations with Extraordinary Women"

Prof. Chakraborty's work developing the first predictive theoretical framework to characterize the collective behavior of a large number of macroscopic objects is featured in Brandeis Blog

Prof. Chakraborty has been awarded a research grant, "Emergent Phenomena in the Macroworld: Jamming and Flow of Particulate Systems", by the National Science Foundation

Prof. Chakraborty and colleagues from Duke University and Yale University have been awarded a research grant, "Self-Assembly in the Macroworld", by the W. M. Keck foundation

Undergraduates Edwin Faican, Remi Boros and Pranav Gupta (IISc, Bangalore) presented posters at Brandeis SciFest 2014. PDF (Faican/Boros/Chakraborty). PDF (Gupta/Chakraborty)

Prof. Chakraborty and Sumantra Sarkar will be long-term participants at the workshop on "Avalanches, Intermittency, and Nonlinear Response in Far-From-Equilibrium Solids" to be held at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara