Animations from assembly trajectories

Animations from selected dynamical simulation trajectories at different parameter values can be seen by clicking below. Please see Ref. [2] for a description of subunit geometries and definitions of parameters.

Successful assembly for subunit geometry B3. Note the frequency of unbinding events — only the most favorable assembly pathways lead to capsid growth.

Parameters: C0=0.11, εb=16.0, θm=0.5

Unsuccessful assembly for subunit geometry B3 — a kinetic trap:

Parameters: C0=0.11, εb=20.0, θm=1.5

Successful assembly for subunit geometry B4. Note the events in which different intermediates bind to each other in "Growth of nucleus".

Parameters: C0=0.11, εb=12.7, θm=0.5

Successful assembly for subunit geometry B5. Note that assembly occurs primarily through binding of monomers.

(Movies were made from typical simulation trajectories. The rendering was done by Stylus Visuals.)