Honors Theses Deadlines

Mark your calendar: Benchmarks for Honors Thesis Completion
Politics Department Honors Program -- 2016/2017

Fall Semester

Deadline   Benchmarks

Thesis Agreement
(October 1)

You should submit the thesis agreement signed by you and advisor to Prof. Greenlee.

"Greenberg Scholar" application due
(October 15)

To help defray some of your research-related expenses, you may apply to be a "Greenberg Scholar." Click here to learn more about the "Greenberg Scholars" funding opportunity. 

Outline Signed
(November 19)

You should work with your advisor to develop a basic research plan for your project (including sources). Please have your advisor sign a copy of this outline/research plan and submit it to Prof. Greenlee.

Chapter Draft Submitted
(before Thanksgiving)

You should turn in a draft of a chapter to your advisor.

Develop a winter break agenda
(week after Thanksgiving)

You should speak with your advisor and come up with a game plan for the winter break. What can you get done? What is your game plan for the spring semester?


Spring Semester




Chapters Write-Up

You should be writing steadily at this point. As you complete draft chapters, submit them to your advisor for feedback.

Progress Report
(February 9)

Prof. Greenlee will check in with your advisor to find out how you are doing.

Drop Deadline
(March 1)

Last day to drop the thesis.

First Thesis Draft
(March 30)

You should turn in a 1st draft of the entire thesis to your advisor. This is a great opportunity for feedback. At this time, you should also discuss with your advisor who might serve on your defense committee. Once you have a list of names, reach out to these professors.

Feedback on Draft
(April 12)

Final Thesis Draft
(April 24)

Thesis Defense
(May 1 - May 5)

(May 21)

Your advisor should return your draft with comments and suggestions for improvement. At this time, you should have members for your defense committee lined up.

Turn in your revised final draft!! You'll deliver a copy of your thesis to each member of your committee.  Then, celebrate!

Your oral defense will be scheduled by the Politics Department for sometime during this week. 

You graduate today! Congratulations!!