Program Details

The goal of the Gateway program is to prepare high-performing talented international students for the rigors of course work at Brandeis University. The program may include two components: seven weeks in summer focusing on integrated skills, possibly followed by fall semester of ELP coursework combined with other Brandeis courses. 

In the summer, Gateway students participate in an intensive English language program through Analytical Writing, Critical Reading in the Humanities & Social Sciences, and Oral Communication. At the end of summer, student progress is evaluated and those who advance sufficiently enroll in all Brandeis courses. Students who need further English language development may be advised to enroll in additional Gateway coursework as part of the full-time Brandeis undergraduate course schedule. The fall semester component utilizes practical learning approaches mixed with second language teaching methods to develop critical thinking, analytical writing, reading comprehension, and oral skills essential for achieving academic success at Brandeis University.

All students within the Gateway program receive writing tutorials once a week during the fall and spring to support their work in Composition and University Writing Seminar (UWS) classes.