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Gateway Scholar Testimonials

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Overall Comments about Gateway Program

I found that the level of reading is much higher in university and I couldn't read fast enough at first. Writing requirements are much higher for university too. The process of writing takes a lot of time. It is hard to come up with a good thesis and find evidence to prove my arguments.

Gateway Program gives me a direct view of college life. It is very hard and I really need to work harder in fall semester!

Through the Gateway Program, I realized that it is harder to be a university student in US than I had expected before I came here, but I have learned a lot and I have become confident.

I read a lot of articles and learn how to write papers, which make me realize how much I need to do to become a college student in US.

It is a good transition for me to fit into college life. And it helps me a lot because I learned practical skills from summer that my Chinese English teacher never taught me before!

Lecture Series

I learned what lectures in America are like. I learned how to take notes. I learned that active listening skills are also important. 

The most important information I got from the lectures are the good habits for studying and speaking. It is important to keep enough sleep each day because sleeping promises the efficiency of studying and memory. Therefore, it is essential to be a good time manager. I also learned the skills for public speaking, which can enhance my influence during the speech and reduce the nervousness before the speech. 

I learned a lot about how to take notes during a lecture. And I found that every professor has a different style. Generally speaking, these lectures give me taught me about academic experiences, like how to interact with professors and how to focus on the main points that professor gives us.

I have a general idea about how the lectures in fall semester would be like and can concentrate to what the Professor is talking about.

These lectures gave me an idea of how college lecture really works as well as the importance of taking notes. Because we always had quizzes in class about the lecture each week, I learned to listen to substantial information that the professor has given, and I developed a skill to understand the broader picture of the knowledge, and not just focus on the details.

Describe how Summer Gateway prepared you for the Brandeis experience.

It prepared me well. It was a LOT of work, which is something I did not expected. My reading improved!!! And since I spoke English with English speakers, it eased my adaptation.

My reading skill and listening skill improved a lot. I become more confident about my English.

It gave me more time to adapt to the new environment so I felt easier to start college life. Also, I learnt what a U.S. classroom is like.