ELP Tutorial Programs

English Language Programs offers weekly 50-minute, one-on-one writing tutorials to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Oral skills tutorials are available upon request.

All tutorials for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 will be offered online, providing students with the important opportunity to meet with their ELP writing tutors and develop their critical thinking, analytical writing, and academic oral communication skills from the convenience of their own home. It is even more important to use these services in an online and/or hybrid teaching/learning environment. Apart from making consistent improvements to students' levels of critical analysis and language structure, ELP writing tutors can help students successfully navigate the online learning environment by giving them strategies for writing discussion posts, participating in online discussions, and interacting with their peers and faculty online. 

ELP Tutors help students build critical-thinking and analytical-writing skills systematically while improving students’ sentence structure and grammar. Meeting with the same tutor every week helps students set a personalized agenda with clearly determined goals.

Our graduate and undergraduate student tutors are familiar with the cross-cultural issues that make writing in academic English a challenge. Students often find that their ELP tutors also serve as cultural guides, offering resources to help navigate the unfamiliar academic landscape. They can also help you locate research sources and decipher the particularities of citation and documentation.

We also offer academic oral skills tutorials to students who wish to practice their speaking and listening skills in a comfortable and welcoming environment. In these tutorials, students and tutors set a personalized agenda and may work on improving pronunciation, presentation, interviewing and conversation skills in English. The goal of oral skills tutorials is to help students become more confident and competent in a variety of speaking contexts.

To request an ELP tutorial, please complete this form or contact the Assistant Director of ELP, Sarah Wagner. Once you are assigned an ELP tutor, you are expected to attend each week. If you think you might only need occasional help with your writing, please make an appointment with the University Writing Center consultants instead, which offers both weekly appointments and a drop-in service with their consultants.

Please note that ELP tutorials are only open to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences. We offer separate services for Heller and Brandeis International Business School students.


During these one-on-one tutorial sessions, you will: 

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