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The Singing Child: Reading, Slide Show and Discussion with Elizabeth Graver, 2014 Helen Gartner Hammer Scholar-in-Residence

Thursday, December 4, 2014
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Light refreshments served
Women’s Studies Research Center
Liberman-Miller Lecture Hall

RSVP: hbi@brandeis.edu

Elizabeth Graver, MFA, Professor of English at Boston College and a Helen Gartner Hammer Scholar-in-Residence at the HBI for Fall 2014, is the author of five previous works of fiction, including The End of the Point (2013). She will read from her novel-in-progress, a narrative based on the life of her grandmother.

Born in Constantinople in 1902 into a wealthy Sephardic family, Rebecca (née Cohen) Baruch Levy was one of a handful of Jews who moved to Barcelona in 1923 after the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. A decade later, widowed and penniless with two young sons, she migrated to New York by way of Cuba for an arranged marriage and chose to raise her family in an ethnically mixed neighborhood instead of living among Sephardic Jews.

Among the questions Graver hopes to discuss are: How might this project, itself so full of crossings, potentially blur the line between fiction and non-fiction?  How is Rebecca’s journey informed by its historical context, particularly with regards to gender roles, social class, language and religion?