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Topics in
Jewish Leadership

Recent books and publications by faculty of the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program, citations of their scholarship in the media, and articles of interest.

"A Fresh View of "Let My People Go'," perspectives on the role of shaliach/shlichah (emissary) in supporting the concept of Jewish Peoplehood by Dr. Zohar Raviv MA'00.

"Engagement Opportunities, Millennial Children of Interfaith Families," summary of online panel discussion with Professor Len Saxe and Hornstein alumni. 

"The Future of the Jews," a review of the panel discussion event of the same name at Brandeis University on November 17, 2015.

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"Conversations with Engagement Innovators: Alison Kur,” interview by Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, URJ Director of Youth Engagement in Reform Judaism Blog; July 3, 2014.