Upcoming Events:

Fall Semester, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, Noon-12:45 PM
Music at Mandel
MusicUnitesUS presents From India: Rhythms of Life
Mandel Atrium

Wednesday, September 28, 4:00PM
Annual Reception and Welcome
Mandel Atrium

Wednesday, October 26, Noon-12:45 PM
Music at Mandel
Lydian String Quartet
Mandel Atrium

Thursday,October 27, 12:00-1:00PM
Faculty Lunch Symposium*
"The Language of Immigrants: A Big-Data Approach”
Irina Dubinina (German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature) and Sophia
Malamud (Computer Science/Language and Linguistics)
Mandel Reading Room, 303

An Interdisciplinary Vision

The Mandel Center for the Humanities at Brandeis University was established by a generous gift from Jack, Joseph, Morton and Barbara Mandel in partnership with the Mandel Foundation.

The Mandel Center for the Humanities aims to deepen humanities scholarship at Brandeis through new curricular and research activities while strengthening students’ knowledge and critical thinking across multiple disciplines.