Outreach Highlights 2012

1. Using Microscopy to Look at the World Beneath our Eyes

Microscopy outreach
As part of our K-12 outreach efforts, we have begun a multi-level Microscopy-themed Outreach program for K-12 students in the greater Boston area. We explored animals and plants smaller than the eye can see in a Littleton, MA elementary class. We read “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss and then let the children explore microscopic organisms and make their own model of a cell complete with organelles to bring home.

2. Discovering Nanolife Partnership with the Discovery Museum

Nano days participants
MRSEC scientists from Brandeis visited the Discovery Museum in Acton for a full day of Microscope-themed activities on March 30th. We led hands-on activities that allowed students to see and build their own mutant Drosophila, assemble their own polymer chain and explore freezing techniques like dry ice and liquid nitrogen. We had over 150 museum guests participate in our activities.

3. The MRSEC REU Program at Brandeis

Poster session
The summer REU program was conducted successfully, culminating in the students presenting their research at the Division of Science Undergraduate Research day to all the Science faculty and students.