MRSEC Video Competition Winners

Each year a video competition is held to showcase MRSEC-related research in a short video. Any Brandeis-affiliated undergraduate, graduate  student, post-doc, staff or faculty person is eligible  to enter and make a video about Brandeis-MRSEC research.

Winner of the 2019 MRSEC Video Competition

Graduate student Farri Mohajerani for "Cargo Encapsulation by Nanoshells"


Post-doc Dr. Simon Merminod for "Artificial Butterflies: Characterizing Interfacial Binding to Design"

Graduate student Ali Aghvami for "XScreen chip"


Winner of the 2018 MRSEC Video Competition

Kang Liu for "Inferring Capsid Assembly Kinetics from Experimental Observation"


Maria Eleni Moustaka for "Exploring the Non-Linear Dynamics of Chemical Oscillator Networks" Video transcript

Ashanti Sallee for "Enzyme-Instructed Self-Assembly For Inhibiting Prostate Cancer"

Dhruv Dang for "Investigating the Interference of Influenza Viral Fusion by Antibody 'HC19'"

Winner of the 2017 MRSEC Video Competition

Shashank Shekhar for "Microfluidics-assisted high resolution microscopy as a tool to study cytoskeleton dynamics"


Dr. Salvatore Alioto for "Actin Cable Reconstitution"

Gabriel Bronk for "Computer Simulations of Chromosomes"

Dr. Julian Eskin for "Force Generation through Polymerization" Video transcript