2017 Highlights

2017 MRSEC Scientist in the Classroom 2017 MRSEC SACNAS National Conference 2017 MRSEC Biological Materials Facility
Brandeis Scientists in the Classroom SACNAS National Conference Workshop Biological Materials Facility
2017 MRSEC Scalloped Colloidal Membrane 2017 MRSEC Directing Actin Polymerization 2017 MRSEC Coherent Flows
Scalloped Colloidal Membranes Directing actin polymerization to membranes Coherent flows in confined 3D active isotropic fluids
2017 MRSEC Active Nematic 2017 MRSEC Membrane penetration 2017 MRSEC Metal-mediated breathing
Hydrodynamics of Active Liquid Crystal Materials Membrane Penetration by Nonenveloped Viruses Metal-mediated Breathing Effects in Metal-organic Frameworks

2016 Highlights

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