Outreach Highlights 2013

1. Brandeis MRSEC Active Matter Workshop

Active Matter 1   Active Matter 2   Active Matter 3

On February 20th, 2013 over 30 members of the Brandeis MRSEC community participated in an active-matter workshop exploring the movement and structure of Chlamydomonas and Salmonella. Participants heard talks from post docs, performed laboratory exercises and used computer simulations to model movement patterns of these organisms.

2. Brandeis MRSEC High School Field Trip

Trip 1   Trip 2   Trip 3

Twenty five high school students from Connecticut visited the MRSEC laboratories at Brandeis to engage in hands-on activities on microscopy and molecular modeling. The students participated in discussions by MRSEC staff and toured research lab facilities.

3. Brandeis MRSEC Sponsored “Pirate Science Days” 

Discovery Museum, Acton MA, November

Pirate 2     Pirate 1

Brandeis researchers shared their research through pirate themed activities such as looking at animals that live in the sea and testing densities of materials to explore how things float. The event was attended by over 100 museum patrons.

4. Brandeis MRSEC REU 2012

REU 1   REU 2   REU 3

Six students participating in the Brandeis REU presented their work at the Division of Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposia on August 1, 2012 with over 60 other students from across all disciplines of science.

5. Industrial Outreach

D. Kim, S. Fraden, M. Heymann, D. Comeau, J. Biggins

Pic 11   Pic 10

•Albright Technologies: Leominster, MA 17 years in business; 20 employees
•Injection molding masters currently cost $100k
•Brandeis MRSEC assisted in developing rapid prototyping manufacturing technology for microfluidic injection molded thermoplastics based on photolithography, thereby reducing cost by several factors!

6. Industrial Outreach New England Complex Fluids Industrial Symposium

Pic 12

52nd New England Complex Fluids Workshop Brandeis University
September 21, 2012
Rick Jacubinas (BASF) Darren Link (Raindance) Ian Morrison (Harvard) Chris Harrison (Schlumberger)
The panel addressed the following: What kind of training and education do industrial labs seek in job applicants? What knowledge should applicants possess? experience? skills? creativity? business knowledge? How does research done in industry compare to that done in universities? How common are collaborations between industry and academic researchers? What makes a successful collaboration?

7. Microfluidics Summer Course

D. Kim, S. Fraden

 Pic 26

Students in cleanroom during a training session

Pic 27

Students conducting microfluidic experiments

Pic 28

Group photo after finishing the 2012 MRSEC summer course

In 2011, we initiated an introductory microfluidics summer course to train participants in various micro-fabrication techniques. Fourteen graduate and post-doctoral students from ten different institutions attended the course in 2012.