Outreach Highlights 2014

1. Brandeis MRSEC Science Communication Fellows

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Brandeis faculty participated in the “Portal to the Public” program at the Discovery Museum in Acton. Professors Kosinski-Collins, Wade, and Chakraborty were trained as Science Communication Fellows and led workshops for Museum patrons on three separate evenings during the school year. Approximately 300 museum visitors attended these events. The fellows will lead science communication workshops at Brandeis to train post doc and graduate students.

2. Brandeis MRSEC Hampton University Partnership

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In 2012, we began a partnership with Hampton University, a HBCU, in Virginia. In the summer of 2013, two Hampton students came to Brandeis and participated in our REU program. In addition, we have sponsored an independent research team project at Hampton in which students design and build a microscope for tracking algae and plankton for the Hampton Marine Biology program under the joint supervision of Brandeis and Hampton faculty.