Recent Senior Theses


Yael Jaffe
Shuley, Shulie, Shulamith:  The Evolution of Shulamit Firestone

Recipient of the 2018 Doris Brewer Cohen Prize for best senior thesis submitted in the Humanities Division, 2018 Brandeis University Commencement


Gabrielle Hersch

Moroccan Jewish Onomastics in Casablanca: Lessons on Moroccan Jewish Identification and Positionality

Benjamin Notis

Thunder's Relationship to Immanence and Transcendence: From Rabbinic Text to Hasidic Thought


Eliezer Buechler

The Innovation of Isaac Luria to Cover One's Eyes with One's Right Hand During Qeri'at Shema

Noam Cohen

And a Fire Came Down from Before the Lord: Examining the Relationship Between Leviticus 10 and Numbers 16-18

Gregory Fain

Omipotence in the Shadow of Aristotle

Hannah Kober

The Motivations and Experiences of Jewish Students of Arabic at Israeli Universities

Samuel Marlowe

Christianity and Antisemitism: An Evaluation of Rosemary Ruether's Faith and Fratricide


Sara Fried

"I will demand of you, and you will answer me." Arguing Effectively with God


Lauren Cimbol

How 1950s Suburban Synagogue Architecture Reflects Changing Attitudes within American Judaism

Dahlia Herzog

Adam's Sin as a Model for Human Nature and the Redemption of Israel: The Interpretations of Genesis Chapter 3 in Avot D’Rabbi Natan and Genesis Rabbah


Eitan Cooper

Milah Confronts Modernity: Analyzing Debates Over Circumcision Technique

Sarah Geller

Hezbollah's Lebanonization and its Effects on the Israel-Lebanon Relationship from 2004-2008

Emma Green

Judaism in the Buckle of the Bible Belt: The Oklahoma City Jewish Community

Erica Shaps

Living Stones in the 21st Century: The Complicated Identity of Christian Arabs in Israel

Schneck Tamar

The Mellah: Exploring Jewish and Muslim Narratives on Urban Spaces


Brian Blumenthal

InTension: PresenTense and the Reinvention of the Next Generation Jew

Hillel Buechler

Uvah Teheze: Biblical Criticism and Halakhah in Modern Jewish Thought

Ethan Goldberg

In the Shadow of Sulzer: The Mixed Legacy of Cantor Alois Kaiser

Ilana Sidorsky

Hamakom Yinachem Etchem: Understanding the Impact of Jewish Mourning Rituals Within Developing Jewish Identity


Emily Jaeger

Differences Within: Gender and Gender-Bending in Ugaritic Mythological, Epistolary, Legal and Administrative Texts

Joshua Jerusalmi

A Monumental Statement: Placement and Meaning in the Shaw and New England Holocaust Memorial

Madeline Mayer

Service Learning Programs in Jewish Day School

Hannah Perlman

The Language and Legacy of Violence in the Akedah


Marnina Cowan

The Position of the Hebrew Language among Arab Citizens of Israel - In Hebrew, יחסם של ערבים אזרחי ישראל לשפה העברית

Talia Graff

From Ideology to the Classroom: Israel Education in the Religious Schools of a Reform and a Conservative Congregation

Zach Margulies

Upon the Shoulders of the Seaward Philistines: Philistine Governance in the Iron Age I and IIA

Garrett Nada

The Self-Identity of the Naqab-Bedouin Students of Ben-Gurion University

Emily Watkins

On the Border of Fire: Origins of the National Religious Settler Movement in Israel


Elizabeth Imber

Scottish Missionary Work among Jews in the 19th Century

Yael Rooks-Rapport

Post-Jewish Art

Sara Smith

Imahot Liturgy: A Study of the Historic Development of the Insertion of the Imahot into the Amidah