"Transnational Tradeswomen" screening with filmmaker Vivian Price today

Event is related to the "On Equal Terms" art exhibit at Women's Studies Research Center

Kausar and Fatima are two female construction laborers featured in the film

Film Screening: “Transnational Tradeswomen” (2006) with Filmmaker Vivian Price
Monday, Oct. 13, 3:30 – 5 p.m.
Lown building, Room 203

Transnational Tradeswomen” is a road trip, set off by the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing, that explores the situations of women construction laborers in Asia. The story challenges the common notion that modernization, education, and technology result in gender equality and the alleviation of poverty. It also raises the question: does the gendering of work in construction provide a transnational connection among the women who work in the industry?

This event is related to the “On Equal Terms” art exhibit that is currently on display at the Women’s Studies Research Center’s Kniznick Gallery.  “On Equal Terms” celebrates the accomplishments of tradeswomen since federal legislation effectively opened the construction industry to women in 1978, while recognizing the obstacles that still lay ahead.  For more information about the show, read the press release.

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