Armed Subject

BENS Alert: Armed subject on campus. Take shelter; lock doors, windows; silence cell phone and remain quiet. Don't let anyone in room until area cleared by authorities. - Posted 11/20/17, 11:54 PM EST

BNC celebrates its 'Science for Life' campaign

Members raised $2 million to support research in the new Carl J. Shapiro Science Center

Earlier this month, members of the Brandeis National Committee gathered at the new Carl J. Shapiro Science Center to dedicate professor Piali Sengupta's lab for research in neurodegenerative diseases, and celebrate the creation of an Endowed Medical Science Journal Fund. Both were made possible through the group's $2 million "Science for Life" campaign. In addition, Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement Nancy K. Winship recognized former BNC president Joyce Krasnow and her husband, Paul, for their generous gift to establish the Shapiro Science Center's Joyce and Paul Krasnow Library.

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