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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the next deadline for submitting my IRB application?

To see all submission deadlines and meeting dates, please see Meeting Dates and Deadlines.

Remember, only protocols that involve greater than minimal risk are subject to these deadlines. All other protocols are reviewed on a rolling basis and may be submitted for review at any time.

How do I turn my IRB application into one pdf file?

What you'll need:

  • a scanner that scans to pdf (available at the InfoPoint computers in the Library)
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (available at the InfoPoint computers in the Library)
  1. First convert all of your .doc or other files to pdf. To do this, select File -> Print and select Adobe PDF as the printer in the printer queue. Save each file separately with an easy to distinguish file name (i.e. Informed Consent, Protocol, etc.).
  2. Scan only the Cover Sheet and the Assurance portions of your application. To scan, follow the directions of the scanner you are using. Be sure you choose to scan to pdf. Save your scanned file with your last name and the date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. If you are a student, save the file with the Principal Investigator's last name, then your last name, and then the date.

    For non-student-initiated research: Smith 2009-12-28
    For student-initiated research: Smith (Jones) 2009-12-28

  3. Open up your scanned file in Adobe Acrobat Professional. This will be the first page of your electronic application.
  4. To add the rest of your application to your Cover Sheet and Assurance, select Document -> Insert Pages -> from File. A dialog box will open where you will be able to choose whatever file you'd like to add to your pdf. Select the file you'd like to insert, remembering the prescribed order:
    • Cover Sheet [Research Review Form or Existing Data Application (signed and dated)]
    • Assurance [Principal Investigator Assurance or Student and Faculty Assurance (signed and dated)]
    • Protected Health Information Use Form (only for projects involving health or mental health information)
    • Protocol
    • Interview Guide(s), surveys, questionnaires, tests, etc., if applicable
    • Informed Consent Document(s), if applicable
    • Recruitment materials, if applicable
  5. Once you select a file, a dialog box will appear asking where you'd like to insert the pages. Choose after and last to insert the pages at the end of your current document.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of your documents have been inserted. Click on the save button.
  7. Email the completed pdf to
Are there any guidelines on what to do with my data once it has been collected?

Yes! Brandeis University has issued the Brandeis University Information Security Plan.

All human subjects investigators should make themselves familiar with this plan and follow the recommendations for how to handle and store collected data.

If you still have questions, email the IRB administrator.