Spring 2015 IRB Meetings


IRB Meetings are usually held the second week of the month.  The deadline for Full Committee review submissions is generally the 20th of the previous month. 

Meeting dates and deadlines for Fall 2015 are noted below:

Meeting      Deadline

February      January 20

March          February 20

April             March 20

May              April 20

Dates & Deadlines

The Brandeis Institutional Review Board usually meets during the second week of the month, during which time it reviews protocols and discusses relevant business. 

Applications requiring Full Committee Review are subject to the submission deadlines listed in the left sidebar.

Remember, only protocols involving greater than minimal risk to research participants are subject to the deadlines and require review by the Full Committee.

Protocols involving minimal risk to research participants (Exempt and Expedited protocols) are reviewed on a ROLLING BASIS.

Keep in mind that an application is considered complete and ready to send for review once the IRB Office has received BOTH the electronic version of your protocol (send one pdf of the entire application to irb@brandeis.edu) AND the original hardcopy with all required signatures.

It is advisable to submit your application for full committee review at least six weeks prior to the time you wish to commence your research, so that your research is not delayed due to the IRB review process.

Remember, if you are submitting an application for Full Committee Review, the IRB Office must receive your entire application electronically (at irb@brandeis.edu), AND receive one original hardcopy application, with ALL required signatures, by the deadline to qualify for review at the next meeting.