Financing Options

Financial Aid

For students who need financial assistance, Brandeis offers a limited number of need-based scholarships and has created a fundraising guide to help students seeking financial assistance to cover tuition.


Modeled on programs where students often cover the full cost of their attendance though local fundraising, the fundraising guide provides you with step by step instructions for connecting with supportive donors in your local community. While Brandeis maintains a small number of scholarships for the program, the fundraising guide ensures that the program remains accessible to a wide variety of students of talent, and provides an opportunity to further develop leadership skills while helping expand a student's grass roots support networks.

Download fundraising guide

Scholarship Application

In keeping with Brandeis' historical commitment to access, the Summit is pleased to be able to offer scholarship support to a limited number of applicants. To apply for funding support, you must first have been admitted to the Summit. The scholarship form can then be accessed by logging into your portal and accessing your status page.

Please contact for assistance with the online scholarship application form.

Cancellation Policy