Brandeis Summer School

High School Students Interested in College Summer Courses

Brandeis Summer School offers advanced high school students the opportunity to experience select college courses online in the summer (use the filter at the top of the page to see the courses open to high school students). Students who have completed their junior year of high school can test their readiness for college, explore subjects that are not available in high school, and earn college credit.

These online courses are part of the regular Brandeis curriculum and are often taught by the same instructors who teach them during the academic year. You'll be in small classes of approximately 10-20 students with undergraduates from Brandeis and other colleges and universities across the country.

For Summer 2024, we will invite applications from high school students who anticipate receiving a high school diploma in 2024 or 2025.

Summer College Courses for High School Students

All courses offered by the Summer School are traditional college courses and the majority of the students in each class will be of college age. Our office does not offer separate courses for high school students. There are several different ways we offer college courses:

  • Many of our 10-week asynchronous online courses are asynchronous and have no set meeting time, although occasionally a course may have a scheduled, virtual face-to-face meeting.
  • We also offer 5-week and 10-week "remote learning" courses that utilize Zoom and webcams to replicate the classroom experience in real time. Students are expected to be present in each class meeting.
  • Most Brandeis Summer School courses are traditional, in-person, college classes held on the Brandeis campus.

Please note: The Brandeis Summer School can not provide on-campus accommodations to high school students. Students are welcome to take classes online or as a commuting student.

The Application Process for High School Students

  • The online application also requires applicants to provide the name and email address of a teacher or guidance counselor who is willing to provide a recommendation. Your recommender will receive a unique link to an online form where they can submit the recommendation directly to the Brandeis Summer School.
  • A high school transcript is also required and should be sent directly from your high school registrar to the Brandeis Summer School via email.
  • After all of these materials have been received by the Brandeis Summer School, we will review the materials and inform you of the summer admission decision.
Please note: Financial Aid is not available for high school students.