Staff Town Hall Meeting

Sept. 12, 2012

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

I am pleased to announce a new policy concerning faculty and staff relations with students at Brandeis. You will find it posted here. I've also attached a copy to this email. Please take some time to review it.

The process for the policy developed over the last academic year. Drafted by a subcommittee of the University Advisory Council (UAC) chaired by Marion Smiley, the J. P. Morgan Chase Professor of Ethics, it was approved by the UAC after considerable discussion and feedback. Human Resources, the A&S Chairs, Heller and IBS also provided feedback, and the draft was posted on the the provost's website for comment. It was then reviewed and approved by the University Policy Review Committee, chaired by Provost Goldstein, before coming to me for final review and approval.

In my view, this is an important step to assure students that the University is committed to supporting them and to maintaining a fair, professional and respectful environment so necessary for a thriving academic community.

With warm regards for the new semester,