Current Courses

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Courses this Semester

Fall 2015 Courses in American Studies:

AMST 55a:  Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in American Culture

AMST 100a:  Classic Texts in American Culture Before 1900

AMST 103b:  Advertising and the Media

AMST 127b:  Women and American Popular Culture

AMST 131b:  News on Screen

AMST 134b:  Digital Media and American Culture

AMST 137b:  Journalism in Twentieth-Century America

AMST 163b:  The Sixties: Continuity and Change in American Culture

AMST 185b:  The Culture of the Cold War

Spring 2016 Courses in American Studies:

AMST 25b:  Individualism in America

AMST 30b:  American Environmental History

AMST 40a:  Women in American History

AMST 100b:  Twentieth-Century American Culture

AMST 105a:  The Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy

AMST 134b:  Digital Media and American Culture

AMST 135a:  Photography and American Culture

AMST 150a:  The History of Childhood and Youth in America

AMST 156b:  Transatlantic Crossing: America and Europe

AMST 170a:  Conspiracy Theory

AMST 188b:  Louis Brandeis: Law, Business and Politics

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