Course Bulletin

Course Bulletin, 2014-15

Course Requirements

The foundation of the biological physics program is the set of required courses in the physical and life sciences. The core courses, divided by fields, are:

  • Physics: PHYS 11a, b, PHYS 15a, b PHYS 19a, b, PHYS 20a, PHYS 31a, PHYS 39a, PHYS 40a
  • Biological Physics: FYS 11 or Phys 105
  • Mathematics: Two courses at the level of MATH 10 or above
  • Chemistry: CHEM 11a, b and CHEM 18a, b or equivalents
  • Biology: BIOL 22a, b and BIOL18a, b

Students with high enough Advanced Placement Examination scores may place out of some of the core courses. Students who place out of Physics 11b ("Electricity and Magnetism") will be required to take Physics 30a, the intermediate-level course in this subject. Likewise, students placing out of first-year calculus must take higher-level courses. Other courses, including Physics 11a and Chemistry 11a, need not be replaced by higher-level courses, although that is strongly encouraged.

Beyond the core curriculum, students are expected to explore areas of further inquiry by taking at least two elective courses.