Core Courses

Biological Physics Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the major in biological physics leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, students must successfully complete the foundation of this program, which is a set of required courses in the physical and life sciences. The core courses, divided by fields, are:


PHYS 11a, b or PHYS 15a, b; PHYS 19a, b; PHYS 20a; PHYS 31a (formerly PHYS 30b); PHYS 39; PHYS 40.



MATH 10a, b

It is not required, but strongly suggested, that you also take MATH 15a (applied linear algebra) and MATH 20a (multivariable calculus) as these will help you in the higher-level physics courses.


CHEM 15a, b (or CHEM 11a, b) and CHEM 19a, b (or CHEM 18a, b)


BIOL 18a, b (General Biology Laboratory) and BIOL 14a (Genetics and Genomics), BIOL 15b (Cells and Organisms). Other lab courses may be substituted for BIOL 18a, b upon approval by UAH.

Biological Physics

PHYS 105a (usually taken junior or senior year, preferably after taking PHYS 40 or an equivalent course).


Students with high enough Advanced Placement Examination scores may place out of some of the elementary courses. See the Bulletin for details concerning the equivalent Brandeis courses for sufficient scores in the tests in Mathematics (AB or BC), Physics (C), and Chemistry. Credit toward the major is given for all these tests except for Physics (C): Electrical. Students who take advanced placement credit for PHYS 15b will be required to take PHYS 30a, the intermediate-level course in this subject.