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Requirements for the Major

In addition to one prerequisite (Introduction to Economics), there are a minimum of 10 courses required for the major.

> Download the full list of core and elective courses (pdf).

> Please check the University Bulletin for up-to-date information on Business Major requirements.

The requirements are summarized below:

NOTE: You MUST earn a grade of "C" or above to count toward your major. Pass/Fail is not accepted

Prerequisite for entry into business courses (one course)
  • Survey of Economics (Econ 2a) or Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 10a) gives you the conceptual foundation that is critical to understanding business.


Core courses (five courses)
  • Financial Accounting (BUS 6a) gives you the tools you need to analyze business data.
  • Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise (BUS 10a) introduces how businesses work and what roles they have in society.
  • Organizational Behavior in Business (BUS 20a or PSYC 150b)  helps you understand how people work together in business organizations.
  • Marketing Management (BUS 52a) teaches you how to think rigorously about market opportunities.
  • Introduction to Finance (BUS 71a or ECON 171a) introduces frameworks and concepts in financial analysis and management.


Students who do not take quantitative courses in other departments at Brandeis (see pdf above) must take:
  • Quantitative Methods in Business ( BUS 1b) (half-semester course)


Electives in the field of Business and Society (two courses)

Two courses from arts and social science departments covering themes such as:

  • Communications, Commerce, Culture
  • Environment, Health and Social Policy
  • Law and Government


Electives in the field of Business Administration (two courses)

Two courses in advanced business studies, covering themes such as:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Innovation


Elective to complete your business studies (one course)

You will take one course that helps you compete and integrate your studies. Usually taken in the final year, this course can be any advanced elective course in Business and Society or in Business Administration or an Internship in Business (BUS 89a) or Independent Research (BUS 98a).